Foxconn Technology Group announced the first round winners of their “Smart Cities, Smart Futures” competition, which encourages innovation and collaboration between Wisconsin institutions, Dec. 14.

The competition consists of three rounds, the first of which included a $500 cash reward to go toward improving the winning teams’ projects. Fourteen of the 88 teams passing this round and claiming the $500 are students from the University of Wisconsin.

The second round will be complete Jan. 31. Up to 50 winners will be selected from the 88 remaining, and the third round — from March 1-March 31 — will decide the winners of a $5,000 grant called the “President’s Award.”

PhD candidate Michael Schlicting studies transportation administration and community development. His project proposed a smart, centralized transportation hub centered around a rail station in Mount Pleasant, the city in which Foxconn is building its Wisconsin plant. Upon advancing through the first round of the competition with his team, he expressed excitement and some surprise.

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