The Smart Cities – Smart Futures Competition is an initiative sponsored by Foxconn. The submission portal will be available starting October 1, 2018. The website will continue to be updated and expanded for the duration of the competition. Please bookmark this website and return on October 1 to submit to this competition.


Foxconn is committed to $1 million in award prizes over the next three years to the initiative, with a goal to generate new and unconventional ideas from students, faculty, and staff at the State of Wisconsin’s universities, colleges, and technical schools as they work to develop smart, connected communities and systems throughout the State. The competition focuses on various themes, such as smart mobility, smart buildings, smart homes, smart energy and smart health, as well as quality of life, efficiency, productivity, and management of resources.


Our vision is to harness innovative technological solutions to enhance all aspects of living by creating improved experiences, productivity, efficiency and convenience to people from all walks of life.


Our mission is to attract, reward, and invest in innovative ideas and concepts created by students, faculty and staff among Wisconsin’s higher education institutions.


» Solicit a broad, crowd sourced spectrum of
innovative ideas.
» Identify and invest in Wisconsin’s innovators.
» Cultivate partner relationships among key
state-wide institutions.
» Retain and attract talent in the state, while
opening Foxconn employment opportunities.

Foxconn is pleased to collaborate with our partners: