Competition Updates

With the support from our partners and voluntary judges, Round Two of Foxconn’s Smart Cities – Smart Futures Competition has come to a nice conclusion with 30 Winners and 8 Honorable Mentions selected.  We’d like to congratulate all participants in Round Two of the Smart Cities – Smart Futures Competition.  All 30 Winners will advance into Round Three (details below).


Round Three Requirements – The Smart Cities – Smart Futures competition process will continue on March 8th and close April 5th, 2019.  During this time Round Two winners will have the opportunity to expand upon their innovative ideas and solutions regarding smart city innovations.  Up to 16 Round Three winners will receive a $5,000 award and the result will be announced by the end of April via our website, social media platforms, and Round Three applicant’s email.


Round Three Submissions Structure:




  1. Business Plan with the following sections (at least 1500 words )

                           a. Executive Summary


                          b. Product/ Concept/ Process Description


                          c.  Smart Cities of the Future Relevancy


                          d. Market Opportunity


                                      i. Size & Positioning


                                     ii. Target Customer


                                    iii. Competition


                      e. Revenue Potential & Financial Return


                                    i. Key Revenue Streams


                                  ii. Revenue Potential


                                 iii. Product Positioning & Sales/Growth Strategy


                      f. Initial Financial Return


                      g. Risk Assessment


2. Pitch Video (5 minutes max – Why would we want to invest in this concept?)



Evaluation – During the month of April, Round Three submissions will be independently evaluated. Judges will be evaluating their assigned submissions based on a standardized set of evaluation criteria with quantitively scoring listed below:



Smart Cities – Smart Futures Competition Round Three Criteria



* Round Two awards will be issued within a month of announcing the winners

** All timelines are subject to change