Round One Winners

On behalf of Foxconn, we’d like to congratulate the participants below for their performance in Round One of the Smart Cities – Smart Futures Competition. These participants will advance into Round Two for the chance to be a finalist in the Smart Cities –  Smart Futures Competition.  

Winners NameSchoolCategory
Abigail GoelzerMedical College of WisconsinAR, VR, MR
Abraham AlvarezWhitewaterFood
Adam MausMadisonE-Health
Andrew ResnickMedical College of WisconsinE-Health
Andrew S. GreeneMedical College of WisconsinHardware
Anna PalatnikMedical College of WisconsinEducation
Asher ElmquistMadisonMobility & Transportation
Bahareh BehzadnezhadMadisonE-Health
Brad GershkowitzMedical College of WisconsinSoftware
Brandon TefftMedical College of WisconsinSensors
Caleb DykemaPlattevilleEducation
Carlos E. Figueroa CastroMedical College of WisconsinE-Health
Chentao WangMadisonSmart Home
Christopher Henry HillardMedical College of WisconsinEducation
Colleen CorneliusMedical College of WisconsinEducation
Colleen DunlapMarquette UniversityE-Health
Dennis KopfWhitewaterEnergy & Environment
Di WuMadisonHardware
Diane BoehmParksideSensors
Donald HeckelGateway Technical CollegeMobility & Transportation
Donald NovakCarroll UniversityMobility & Transportation
Dr. Michael CarriereMilwaukee School of EngineeringEnergy & Environment
Duane JuangMadisonE-Health
Edward EvansParksideOptimizing UX
Erin MagennisCarthage CollegeE-Health
Fang YangPlattevilleEnergy & Environment
Greylan LarsonEau ClaireEnergy & Environment
Hanwan JiangPlattevilleMobility & Transportation
Jacob SinaPlattevilleSensors
James OujiriMedical College of WisconsinE-Health
Jan WodnickiMadisonIoT
Jared Russell HannPlattevilleMobility & Transportation
Jennifer LindnerMedical College of WisconsinAR, VR, MR
Jeong WooMilwaukee School of EngineeringAR, VR, MR
Jiatong LiMadisonMobility & Transportation
Jie YuMilwaukeeMobility & Transportation
Jingjie LiMadisonIoT
Joan VolmutCarthage CollegeSmart Home
Joe StangePlattevilleMobility & Transportation
Jonas WagnerPlattevilleAI
Judy TerletzkyParksideEnergy & Environment
Justin FranzPlattevilleEnergy & Environment
Kate FieldGateway Technical CollegeFood
Kenady MinleyConcordia University WisconsinFood
Kenneth LeeMedical College of Wisconsin3D Printing
Kevin KochMedical College of WisconsinE-Health
KhanhParksideMobility & Transportation
Kristen HoltanWhitewaterEnergy & Environment
Kristina FieldsPlattevilleEducation
Kyle RankerPlattevilleEnergy & Environment
Kyle TabottMilwaukeeEducation
Laura AlbertMadisonMobility & Transportation
Lynne WoehrleMilwaukeeFood
Mary DittmarConcordia University WisconsinAR, VR, MR
Matthew JanczakWhitewaterEnergy & Environment
Maxwell SeebeckParksideBig Data Analytics
Md Maruf HossainGreen BayEnergy & Environment
Md Riaz Uddin AhmedGreen BayEnergy & Environment
Michael KonemannCarroll UniversityMobility & Transportation
Michael SchlictingMadisonMobility & Transportation
Michelle BottsMedical College of WisconsinAR, VR, MR
Mike RindoEau ClaireEducation
Ming Song LeeMadisonSoftware
Mohammad Hasan BalaliMilwaukeeEnergy & Environment
Mohammad Rizwen Ur RahmanMilwaukeeEnergy & Environment
Nartisha LeijaMedical College of WisconsinEnergy & Environment
Nic HerfelWhitewaterIoT
Prof. Jeffrey Blessing, Ph.D.Milwaukee School of EngineeringCyber Security
Rahul NanchalMedical College of WisconsinE-Health
Robabeh JazaeiPlattevilleSmart Home
Rodney SparapaniMedical College of WisconsinBig Data Analytics
Ronald K WoodsMedical College of WisconsinAI
Ryan M WalkerWhitewaterSensors
Samuel ErtlPlattevilleMobility & Transportation
Shane WesenerMilwaukeeIoT
Shayan ShafieeMedical College of WisconsinSensors
Jules VigyMadison Area Technical CollegeHardware
Steve WhitmoyerGateway Technical CollegeEnergy & Environment
Thomas Zahrt, PhDMedical College of WisconsinEducation
Weijun ZhengParksideIoT
Wenkai GuanMarquette UniversityMobility & Transportation
Yin LiMadisonAI
Yuchen GuMadisonMobility & Transportation
Yuqin WengMarquette UniversityBig Data Analytics
Zak Sharif-SidiMedical College of WisconsinE-Health
Zeb KielarPlattevilleMobility & Transportation
Zihao JinMilwaukeeIoT
Zongshen WuMadisonAR, VR, MR