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Your idea can shape the future!

“Foxconn is excited to continue our partnership with higher education in Wisconsin as the “Smart Cities-Smart Futures” competition continues to create the opportunity for students, faculty and staff to present their ideas that will improve our communities across Wisconsin,” said Dr. Alan Yeung, President, FEWI Development Corporation. “The company’s continued commitment to this three-year initiative, providing up to $1 million in awards, in-kind contribution to winners, reflects Foxconn’s desire to encourage innovation and critical thinking among young people who represent the workforce of the future.”

What is Foxconn’s Smart City, Smart Future Competition? 

Foxconn has launched this Smart Cities – Smart Futures Competition in which individuals and teams led by students, academic staff and faculty at Wisconsin’s public and private colleges and universities are encouraged to develop “smart” proposals to improve and enhance living and working environments, promote attractive streetscapes, transportation networks and living spaces, and improve sustainability.


Foxconn is committing up to $1 million over the next three years to this broad initiative.  The Individuals and teams will compete for financial awards, technical support and in-kind contributions to further develop and possibly implement their proposals, thus building more attractive living and working spaces across Wisconsin.

What is the impetus behind Foxconn’s Smart City, Smart Future Initiative?

As a global technology services leader, Foxconn has long been investing in new and emerging technologies.  Our vision is to harness innovative technological solutions to enhance all aspects of smart lives and to bring greater convenience to people from all walks of lives.


Municipalities across the USA and globally are beginning to focus on building connected infrastructures and systems which form the basis of Smart Cities and Smart Futures. Adapting “smart” concepts helps municipalities and rural areas to attract and retain talent, improve efficiencies, and build collaboration among diverse civic, industry and education partners.


This is an area that Foxconn believes we can contribute to as our company has amassed significant expertise in related areas such as cloud computing, mobile devices, IoT, Big Data, artificial intelligence, networks and robotics.


Leveraging Foxconn’s AI+8K+5G technology, this initiative seeks to tap into the richly diverse talent pipeline of undergraduate and graduate students, their mentors and professors who are studying, researching, and working within Wisconsin’s public and private universities and colleges. The goal of this Foxconn initiative is to identify innovative solutions and to harness technology that improves and enhances living and working environments, promotes attractive neighborhoods, streetscapes, transportation networks and living spaces, and improves sustainability.


This will support Wisconsin’s transformation into a global high-tech hub and boost the state’s ability to attract top talent and global companies looking to tap the opportunities that Wisconn Valley has to offer.

Who will pay for these awards, stipends, investments?

Foxconn is committing up to $1 million over the next three years to the Smart Cities-Smart Future initiative.  Our partners will also be contributing to the initiative by providing input, give counsel , and aid in increasing awareness through their organizations.


Funding for this initiative is separate from the investment that Foxconn has committed to building our significant campus in Racine County.


The Smart Cites-Smart Future initiative is another example of our “Wisconsin First” commitment and Foxconn’s pledge to ensure that our contributions to the state go well beyond the Wisconn Valley Technology and Science Park that we are establishing.


The “Smart Cities—Smart Futures” competition is supported by several groups.  In addition to the University of Wisconsin System, the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities and the Wisconsin Technical College System, Foxconn is also working with several statewide organizations in the competition.  They include the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, the Wisconsin Technology Council, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, the WiSys Technology Foundation, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, the UWM Research Foundation and SCORE.

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