Smart Cities Dive: Chicago launches Smart911 to improve emergency response

Smart Cities Dive: Chicago launches Smart911 to improve emergency response

Dive Brief:

  • The City of Chicago has launched a partnership with Smart911, a free and voluntary service for individuals to provide personal, medical or situational information to first responders in the case of an emergency. The city is now the biggest single user of the service.
  • Through Smart911, users can create a safety profile that automatically feeds the dispatch service information like location, home layout, vehicle details, family members, pre-existing medical conditions and other notes that could be helpful in an emergency. Users can also provide mental health information, part of the city’s push to improve mental and behavioral health response.
  • “Smart911 is part of our effort to leverage every tool to help first responders respond quickly and appropriately to emergency situations — be it a burning home or a mental health crisis,” said Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in a statement. “The information residents provide today can help save a life or more quickly de-escalate a tense situation tomorrow.”

Dive Insight:

The 911 infrastructure remains built for a landline world, a fact cities are having to come to grips with. Location services are especially challenging — cell phones may not deliver an exact location, and a weak signal or a dropped call complicates things even further. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will require carriers to locate callers within a 50-meter radius at least 80% of the time by 2021, but cities are trying to make improvements even sooner.

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