SmartCitiesWorld: Blockchain mobility protocol for smart cities

SmartCitiesWorld: Blockchain mobility protocol for smart cities

The two companies want to use blockchain to transform mobility in smart cities

Asia Pacific blockchain venture studio, Centrality, has announced a new joint venture with the decentralised urban mobility firm, iomob, to develop a blockchain mobility protocol for smart cities.

The joint venture, Senta Mobility, will also promote the adoption of the iomob protocol in smart cities around the globe. Centrality will lead Senta’s global business development to drive further adoption of the protocol by cities and mobility service providers.

Decentralised mobility network

Centrality and iomob will work together to develop and incubate new businesses and applications to support the growth of a decentralised mobility network for smart cities around the world. UShare, a rideshare app business part-owned by Centrality, is the designated supplier of development and domain expertise.

The urban mobility marketplace is expanding rapidly with a range of options including bike-share, and on-demand and autonomous vehicles but the two companies believe much of this new development is fragmented and drives complexity, duplication, and uneconomical competition. In the meantime, people continue to commute by car, contributing to pollution and congestion in cities worldwide.

“We share the same values on decentralisation and inclusive economies. This investment will help iomob unleash the potential of urban mobility solutions in smart cities worldwide”

By rewarding riders, providers, and cities, iomob and Centrality aim to build a smarter, sustainable, and scalable urban transport ecosystem. The collaboration will create solutions that will nurture a more efficient, cost-effective, incentivising and consumer-friendly mobility system in cities.

iomob’s Internet-of-Mobility (IoM) protocol uses blockchain technology to provide an open platform enabling these new services to unify as mobility-as-a-service (MaaS). Instead of setting up their own systems of operation, mobility operators can get running faster using iomob’s open source hubs to handle booking and matching, payments, customer registration and reputation management.

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