📣🎉 Smart Cities-Smart Futures Competition: 2019/20 Official announcement 🎉📣

📣🎉 Smart Cities-Smart Futures Competition: 2019/20 Official announcement 🎉📣

Smart Cities-Smart Futures Competitors

We’d like to share our gratitude for your participation in Year One of the Smart Cities-Smart Futures Competition.  No matter where your concept landed, you will be remembered as a group that was involved in spearheading this exciting initiative in Year One.  We’d like to invite you to submit your innovative concept or plan for year two beginning September 17th, 2019 (Mark your calendars!), whether an advanced version of last year’s or a brand new one.  You all represent the future innovators of Wisconsin, and for that you should be proud!

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The purpose of this note is to announce and inform you that the 2019/20 “Smart Cities-Smart Futures” competition was KICKED OFF this past Monday (July 22nd, 2019) at UW-Stout, during the WiSys WSTS conference.  This marks the second year for this innovative program, where students, staff and faculty from Wisconsin’s higher education intuitions are eligible submit innovative concepts and plans for creating smart cities of the future.

Like last year, cash awards, in-kind contributions and public recognition will be made to winners.

We invite you to view this PDF to learn more about the formal announcement.

Some new and exciting changes include!!

  • Improved competition structure with greater emphasis on broad inclusivity and creating investment-ready concepts and plans.
  • Expansion of Core Partner Team
    • The organization SCORE will be available to provide Executive level mentorship for Round One winners to aid with advancing their business plans in subsequent rounds
  • Optimizing the time required by judges and partners.
  • An Engaging College Road Show to visit universities and promote the competition (We welcome your invitation to universities, schools or programs.)

This merely scratches the surface of the exciting variations in Year Two, and we look forward to sharing more detailed information in the weeks to come.

For now, please feel free to check the website for updates and information regarding timing, criteria, and structure changes.  We’ve only just begun to tap the higher education talent that exists in the state, and with partnership and support from you all we look forward to recognizing the fine institutions of Wisconsin at a greater level this year.

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Shawn McComb
Director of Business Development & Academic Partnering

Jack Nickeas
Promotions and Sales Strategist

Diane Koepke
Senior Manager of Innovation

Lorraine Hastings
Senior Manager, Ventures and Investments