BBN Times: Leveraging technology to develop sustainable smart cities

BBN Times: Leveraging technology to develop sustainable smart cities

Building sustainable smart cities require holistic infrastructure that has robust digitization, good governance, and a decent quality of life for citizens.

As urban centers are a hub for technological development and revenue growth, more and more people are migrating every year from rural regions to seek better education, job opportunities, health facilities, and an advanced lifestyle. Hence, to adequately fit the growing population into cities, along with providing a fulfilling lifestyle, the government wishes to make cities ‘smarter’ with the help of technology. However, making cities smarter is not the best way out for providing citizens with a quality life. Governments should aim at making smart cities sustainable, by accepting any socio-economic changes.

A Guide for Making Smart Cities Sustainable

Smart waste management, green environment, good governance, enhanced security, and better healthcare are few glimpses of a sustainable smart city. However, making cities sustainable is not easy as each city is different and requires a unique approach to become innovative. Hence, shared below are few measures that world governments can take to make cities both, smart and sustainable.

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