Information Age: End-to-end security “a must” for smart city IoTs

Information Age: End-to-end security “a must” for smart city IoTs

This follows a recent examination of the UK’s smart city developments.

IoT security is a complex issue for experts, with the UK government calling for tougher security for IoT devices earlier in 2018. Antivirus software can’t be installed on IoT devices, like they can on PC’s, which creates an added complication.

With this in mind, the task of securing smart cities that are heavily reliant on IoT will be more challenging, and company CTOs that utilise smart networks or plan on doing so in the future could see implementing a cybersecurity strategy for their network early on as a high priority.

Shahram Mossayebi, CEO of Crypto Quantique, says that before anyone can successfully figure out how to protect IoTs within smart cities, they must look at why it is so difficult in the first place.

“There are two main aspects to it,” Shahram explained. “One is that there are so many different parties involved in IoT’s. There are manufacturers, designers, component suppliers, and each of those players are facing different security attack vectors.

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